BMW confirms £61,900 price tag for new iX3

Ginny Buckley


BMW has officially revealed prices and specifications for the iX3 all-electric SUV - a car that will spearhead a new wave of all-electric models from the Bavarian brand. However, with prices for the launch models starting at £61,900, owners looking to switch from i3 to an iX3 will need pretty deep pockets. 

BMW is planning a second wave of ‘i’ cars to replace the ageing i3 and i8, but will employ a far more conventional approach this time around. Instead of building bespoke cars as it did with the i3 and and i8, the German firm will concentrate on building all-electric versions of its standard petrol and diesel models.

The iX3 SUV will be the first to arrive, with UK deliveries expected to start late summer 2021. Despite BMW’s reputation as an early pioneer of the EV sector, the iX3 appears to break little new ground in terms of specification. Its 74kWh battery delivers a claimed 279 miles of range on a single charge (WLTP), while power is delivered to the rear wheels by a 286bhp motor. BMW claims that the iX3 can reach 60mph in 6.8 seconds, which is about the same time as the i3. 

iX3 interior looks far more conventional than the i3's groundbreaking cabin

The battery can be charged at up to 11kW from an AC charger and 150kW from a DC rapid unit. This will allow a 0 to 80 per cent capacity charge in 34 minutes. A ‘get you home top up’ of 50 miles’ worth of power will take less than 10 minutes – about the same time as filling up a petrol car. 

The battery pack is mounted under the floor, which BMW claims improves the handling of the iX3 by lowering the centre of gravity by 7.5cm compared to the conventionally-engined X3 models.

Although BMW has confirmed that cheaper models will be available after launch, customers looking to be among the first to own the iX3 will have to opt for one of the two Premier Edition models. The entry level version is priced at £61,900 while the Pro is £64,900. The iX3 is available to order now. 

Lovely sunset - oh, wait - there's a new BMW iX3 lurking in the dark

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