Subscribe for the summer – ONTO offers electric convertible for £399/month

Tom Barnard

26 May 2023

Thinking of a convertible now the weather is nice? Electric car subscription company ONTO is offering a Fiat 500e Convertible as an all-inclusive subscription for £399 per month – that’s less than the equivalent car on a lease or PCP deal. There is a catch though – you will need to be happy to have the car branded with ONTO’s stickers.

If you are a little too shy, then the same car without the branding is £529 per month. Hatchback versions are £40 less per month, or you can have a Renault Zoe for £509.

If you need something a little bigger, the company is offering a Vauxhall Mokka-e for three months with 20% off the £609 monthly charge if you sign up before June.

Unlike leasing or other finance, subscription schemes have no deposit, no waiting list and the prices include insurance and maintenance. Public charging can also be wrapped up in the fee.

The minimum subscription term is a month, meaning you can subscribe for the summer holidays or just to see if an electric car fits into your life.

It also means you can swap cars when you want, having a convertible in the summer and a family car like the Volkswagen ID.4 when you need more space for Christmas.

Vauxhall Mokka e electric car parked in field with Nicki Shields The Mokka is 20% cheaper per month if you subscribe before June

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