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Kia eNiro Review

Price: £27,350 - £39,395

If you can get hold of an e-Niro, you are in for a treat. But is it worth waiting for? 

  • Battery size: 39-64kWh
  • Electric cost/month: £31
  • Battery warranty: 7 yrs/100,000 miles
  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Range: 282 miles

Ginny Says



“Kia makes great electric cars and I like the fact that the e-Niro is a no-nonsense practical family car with plenty of space for five and a large boot. It’s comfortable, easy to drive and while the interior isn’t going to wow you, it’s good quality and a nice place to be.”

Tom Says



“This is a great electric family car with a long driving range that means you can put ‘range anxiety’ to the back of your mind. You can charge it up in around half an hour on a public rapid charger, which also makes it an option if you don’t have off-street parking.”

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As there is a waiting list for new cars, you’ll actually have to pay more for a used car if you want to jump the queue. 

  • Prices from:£35,000

Used models

The laws of demand and supply have had an unusual effect on the prices of the e-Niro. Because there’s a waiting list and drivers are anxious to get one, they will pay extra to jump the queue. So, here is a Kia SUV which actually increases in value once it hits the used market. We found a couple of cheeky dealers who were offering up their demo cars and ‘cancelled orders’ for more than the list price, despite one having more than 11,000 miles on the clock. A delivery mileage car was advertised at £5,000 above the list price – crazy money which would buy you a Tesla Model 3!

This situation won’t last forever though. Supply of the e-Niro will soon loosen up and rivals will appear which make it seem less special. When that happens, the prices will return to normal and used e-Niros will start to offer better value. 

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