Ford Mustang Mach-E Review

Price: £40,350 - £58,080 (including grants)

Watch Tom's full video review of the Mustang Mach e here

And see it battle the Tesla Model 3 here 


  • Battery size: 75-100kWh
  • Electric cost/month: £41
  • Emissions: 0 g/km
  • Range: 249-379 miles
  • Battery warranty: 8 years/100,000 miles

Ginny Says

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“After one of the longest run ups to a launch in the company's history, Ford has finally let outsiders drive its electric muscle car. All seems pretty good, but fake, piped in V8 noises seem to be a bit of an insult to the Mustang heritage.”

Tom Says


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“A proper electric Ford at last! It’s the Mustang Mach-e's ‘Untamed’ mode that interests me. Mainly because it sounds more like an erotic novel than a setting which changes the throttle mapping.”

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Ford Mustang mach e gt exterior side driving in country

That Mustang brand comes with some expectations of performance, and the Mach E doesn’t disappoint against the stopwatch.

  • 0-62mph:5.1-6.2 seconds
  • Top Speed:112mph (limited)


Like the Mach E’s biggest rival – Tesla – the electric Mustang has a variety of power options that range from quick to indecent. A GT version due in late 2021 will have 459 bhp and sprint to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds, while lesser versions range from 258bhp to 337bhp with either a single motor driving the rear wheels or dual motors and all-wheel drive.

As you’d expect, this means the Mustang has plenty of performance, even if it doesn’t have the truly shocking pull of a Tesla Model 3 at full beans. But the Mach-E corners in a far more entertaining way, and in many ways it really does feel like driving a Mustang as you look down that long bonnet.

Because the huge batteries sit under the floor, the centre of gravity is lower it feels stable and sporty. The engineers have calibrated unique settings for the shock absorbers, springs, anti-roll bars, steering and powertrain specifically for Europe’s narrow, more twisty roads and higher speed limits and it shows. This car doesn’t feel wallowy like many American cars – there's little in the way of body roll. Even through a slalom the Mach-E feels well controlled, although the steering feels a little strange, becoming weirdly heavy when turned away from the straight ahead position.

You get used to it, but it's not so easy to accept the ride comfort. On the 19-inch wheels of our twin-motor model it is just too harsh for British roads and has a crashiness through potholes which can become tiring. A Model 3 has a hard ride too, but seems to take the edge of the bumps a little more effectively than the Ford. Perhaps it means the base model Mach-E with its squishier tyres and smaller wheels will be the pick of the range.

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