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Peugeot e208 used

Ginny Says



“How clever of Peugeot to simply make three versions of the latest 208, petrol, diesel and electric. The great looking e208 may not have the longest range, but you can top it up with 100 miles in just 20 minutes on a rapid charger. ”

Nicki Says



“I’ve always had a soft spot for Peugeot’s small hatchbacks and I think e208 looks great, both inside and out. This is a great car for nipping around town in, it’s easy to park and very practical. Although I wish it had somewhere to store the charging cables.”

There won’t be many Peugeot e208s on the used market for a few months, but expect supplies to free up as dealer demonstrators start to be replaced.

  • Prices from:£25,000

Used Models

Most Peugeot e208s will be sold on either two or three-year finance deals, so these won’t appear on the used market until 2022 or 2023. Before then, you’re likely to be looking at dealer demonstrators or even pre-registered cars which will have very low mileage and are likely to be offered at a small discount on the new price. 

However, Peugeot and Vauxhall (which makes the very similar Corsa-e) are known for selling cars to daily hire car fleets and even driving schools, and they might resort to these tactics again to sell the e208 in bigger numbers. That would be good news if you are looking for a used bargain, as these sorts of cars tend to be sold after less than a year, but it won’t help keep the values of the second-hand cars high and will ultimately make an e208 more expensive to own as it will be worth less when you come to sell. 

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