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Volkswagen ID.3 Used

Nicki Says



“We've been waiting a long time for this car. Does it live up to the hype? Mostly, yes it does. It's got a few rough edges, notably on the infotainment front, but the drivetrain and comfort levels are fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing the range develop.”

Ginny Says



“The first electric car I drove was a VW CityStromer back in ‘98. This is a hugely important car for Volkswagen and our first impressions are that the brand has done a fine job. We'll need to see how the range fills out to deliver a definitive verdict, but the signs are good.”

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Don’t expect any ID.3s to hit the used market for some time. The only cars which are likely to be available will be dealer demonstrators.

Used Models

With the deliveries of new ID.3s yet to start and a waiting list which stretches for months, there won’t be a market for used ID.3s for some time yet. The only cars that are likely to be on sale will either be dealer demonstrators or ID.3s which have been bought by speculators who think there is a profit to be made by selling above the list price to people who want to skip the queue.

Wait a couple of years though and the ID.3 should be as popular as a Golf on the second-hand market.

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