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​Electrifying.com is the leading website for car buyers, car enthusiasts and car owners who are interested in electric cars and the wider ecosystem of chargers and energy tariffs.

Our up-to-date expert and independent reviews, each with a dedicated video review, contain all the information you need to help you choose and buy your next electric car or van. We cover every electric car on the market with extensive reviews of both new and used models and you can also keep up with the latest EV news from around the world.  

If you’re looking to buy your first electric car then we also have a wealth of helpful, expert guides covering everything from how to charge an electric car and what size battery is right for you, to EV mythbusters that help you separate the fact from the fiction.  

Our expert advice doesn’t stop at the vehicles, we can also help you understand how to choose a home charger and get one fitted, with our independently assessed reviews of chargers. We have explainers covering how to use public chargers and we also have guides to the best energy tariffs for EVs, which are constantly updated reflecting the changing price of energy.

Since its launch in 2020, Electrifying.com has always employed the most experienced journalists and testers working in automotive journalism. Our knowledgeable and impartial team is here to help you get to grips with the exciting, but sometimes confusing world of electric cars.

Every member of our editorial team has owned and driven electric cars for many years and we share the wealth of experience we have about them in our content. We’ve made mistakes along the way and giving you the benefit of our extensive, personal experience will hopefully ensure you don’t make the same mistakes we did!

Why you can trust Electrifying.com 

You can trust everything you read; in our news stories, our reviews, our verdicts, our guides and our explainers because of the expertise, impartiality, and knowledge we have about the electric car industry and its related products that has been gained over years of first hand experience.

Our founder, Ginny Buckley has 25 years experience of working as a journalist and broadcaster and is a respected authority on cars across the wider media. Ginny regularly reports on the industry - and electric cars in particular - for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and numerous other outlets. 

We’ve worked with the UK Government to help them educate consumers about electric cars by co-producing A Beginners Guide to Going Electric with the Department for Transport, and as a brand Electrifying.com is often quoted as a trusted source by other media outlets and brands including The Mirror, iNews, Good Housekeeping, The Sun, The AA, LA Times, This Is Money, The Verge, Trusted Traders, GQ, NY Times and many more.

We’re constantly testing the latest new cars in real-world conditions, we engage with senior global automotive figures on a regular basis and use this insight to create the words, pictures and videos that form the basis for our content

Every year the Electrifying.com website is viewed by over 2.4 million unique users, while our YouTube channel has 130,000 subscribers and receives over 10 million views a year - and our audiences are constantly growing. 

How we test and review cars

Independently reviewing cars is at the heart of everything we do at Electrifying.com. Since we launched in 2020 we have independently assessed every electric car that has been launched in the UK and we drive tens of thousands of miles every year to ensure we put them to the test in real world conditions. 

When it comes to electric cars it is crucial that they’re reviewed by people who understand them and are experienced in living with them. The Electrifying.com team has over 75 years combined experience of driving electric cars of all kinds on different roads around the world and in different weather conditions. We also charge the electric cars we drive both at home and on the public charging network, so we can compare their real world efficiency and charging capacity to the claims a manufacturer may make about them.

We look at the details, investigate the claims, make comparisons with the competition and score electric cars on a number of key criteria from price and quality, to efficiency, performance and functionality. We then collate this information and our expert opinion to create reviews that you can trust to be truthful, independent and easy to understand.

Our ratings 

Every car, charger and other product we test is given a score out of 10 which gives you a clear indication of how we rate them compared to rivals.

To be a top scoring car, we would expect it to be class leading in every area, from value to dynamics. Our verdicts are given after driving the car for hundreds or thousands of miles and give it a clear position against rivals in its sector.

This means there are differences between the weighting we will give depending on the car’s intended role. For example, a seven-seat family car will need to have a greater emphasis on practicality than driving dynamics, while the opposite will be true for a sports car.

A car or product which has a score of six or lower isn’t something we’d usually recommend unless there are discounts and finance deals which make its shortcomings acceptable or it has a particular combination of features and qualities which suit your needs.

We regularly review the scores as inevitably the competitive landscape will change and rivals will be launched and raise the bar against which a car must be judged. 

Guide to sponsored content 

Electrifying.com is the UKs leading resource for new and used reviews of electric cars and their wider ecosystem, like home chargers, public chargers, energy tariffs, and more.  We have to pay for the industry-leading content you enjoy on our channels and the revenue we use to cover this comes partly through advertising.

You can see advertising across our website and you’ll also occasionally see commercial content that has been produced in partnership with other brands who would like to inform you on their products and services.

It's important to us that we’re open and transparent when it comes to any advertising and commercial content that appears on Electrifying.com so that you understand the distinction between our trusted editorial content and that which may contain advertising and we clearly label our content so you understand what it is you’re reading.  

Commercial content

There are different types of commercial content labels that you may encounter on Electrifying.com.

1. Advertising feature

These are written features paid for by one of our external partners and that partner has final sign-off and control over any words, pictures and any video contained within. We’ll label Advertising Features on Electrifying.com so you’re clear about the source. Any content within an Advertising Feature will be written by one of our team of journalists and we robustly question anything we’re given to write about, while a brand may ultimately supply us with the source material we’re always aware that any Advertising Feature remains true to our own values. We will never feature reviews of cars in advertising features, but we may use products from particular brands to help us explain a complex topic, for example; ‘how to charge a car’ but any reviews you see will always be editorially independent.

2. In association/partnership with…

If you see anything marked as ‘In association with…’ on Electrifying.com this means it is editorial content that a commercial partner has paid to be associated with. But the words, pictures and video are written and produced independently following our own editorial standards and the brand in question has no influence, control or sign-off of the content in question.

All content on Electrifying.com not labelled as Advertising Feature or Partnership is our trusted and independent editorial work and is written by our experienced team to engage, inform and hopefully entertain the reader or viewer. We may carry advertising from various brands around the content or alongside it, but those advertisers have no influence over any of the words, review scores, pictures or video. 

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