Electrifying Fuel Check - you could save £68 per month according to this week's prices (including the 5p per litre drop in fuel duty from 23rd March)

Switching to an electric car means you will never have to visit a petrol station again and are likely to make some substantial savings. 

To allow you to make an informed choice about the likely cost of charging versus the amount you are currently spending on fuel, we have created this checker. 

For our calculations we have compared the cost of driving 8,000 miles per year in comparable petrol and electric cars. 

For the small car sums we use a Fiat 500 1.0MH vs Fiat 500e. For a medium car, it is based on VW ID.3 58kW vs VW Golf 1.5TSI. For a large car, we used a Tesla Model Y vs Mercedes GLC 300. 

All the calculations use the official combined consumption test figures.

We update the price of fuel weekly*, using the national average petrol price provided by the RAC and the current electricity rates at 30p/kWh. If you are able to charge at a cheaper night rate, the savings will be substantially more.

*Prices correct at 6th May 2022.

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