Deal of the week - the best electric car lease deals

Tom Barnard

19 Jul 2024

Every week we scan the best leasing deals available for electric cars. Unless we say otherwise, all the prices quoted are for three year contracts on a personal lease with 8,000 miles per year with an advance payment (deposit) which is the equivalent of of six months’ payments. The prices are correct at the time of publication (19th July 2024).

This week's best electric car lease deals

Last week's Volkswagen ID.3 deal for £260 per month sold out within 24 hours, so it seems you need to be speedy to pick up the cheapest leases. Even the GWM ORA 03 is no longer the bargain it has been for a few months and seems to have returned to 'normal' levels. The Pure+ is now £229.04 per month using our criteria, with an advance of £1,673.04. That makes it more expensive than the Vauxhall Corsa Electric, which comes in at £216.65 per month. It's the top Ultimate model too, which is model is well equipped, and even with the less efficient smaller battery and old motor combination it is a still a good drive, and efficient too.

If you need something a little larger and SUV shaped, then a Vauxhall Mokka GS for £267.59 a month looks decent value. Again it has the old battery and motor combo which we have found can mean the range suffers in winter but you should still be able to get 180 miles out of it at least. Or how about a Citroen e-C4 at £257? It's the poshest version too - the ë-Series.

If that's still not big enough, there is a surprise new entrant into the value chart - the Volvo C40. The company is presumably clearing stocks before the name change, and it's now £382.76 per month for the 69kWh Recharge Plus. That's about the same as the current rates for a Hyundai Kona or MG ZS. Find another £12 a month and you could have a Volkswagen ID.5 Tech Pro with the 77kWh battery. It might not be a better car than the Volvo, but is certainly more spacious. 

It might be best not to dither though. While there are plenty of companies offering the Volvo there are only a couple with the VW in stock.

Check out all the deals on Electrifying's dedicated leasing page here.

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