Andersen EV launch new A3 charge point

George Barnard

16 May 2024

Andersen EV has unveiled the A3, a new smaller charge point with designer looks and new tech.

The front of the new A3 is 20% smaller than that of the company's A2, which is the UK’s most popular premium home charge unit. As with the A2, the cable of the all-new A3 can be completely hidden away within the unit when not in use – a feature unique to Andersen EV products.

The A3 has been launched with a special-edition fascia produced by automotive design house CALLUM Design, which is led by Ian Callum, the British automotive designer and former Design Director at Jaguar Land Rover. The bespoke fascia has textured Cotswold Oak wood featuring the CALLUM tartan.

The  A3 features a solar feature that allows the user to manage energy generated from panels fitted to their home and send it to charge the car. It also incorporates an updated version of the A2’s user interface with a more intuitive LED status indication, as well as a presence sensor, a convenience light located on the underside of the unit, and 'theatre lighting' activated when lifting the lid.

Drivers can select the A3 unit to charge at 7kW with a 5.5m cable, while the existing A2 will charge at up to 22kW and can be specified with a cable up to 8.5m in length. To coincide with the launch, Andersen EV has expanded its colour range for both units to over 240 options.

Andersen EV unveiled the new addition to its product line during a launch event at the London Design Museum, where Ian Callum and David Martell, Andersen EV’s CEO, showcased the product and its CALLUM Designs fascia.

“The new A3 offers something entirely new in the domestic charge point sector, thanks to its compact proportions, premium-grade minimalist aesthetics and advanced technologies,” explains David Martell, CEO of Andersen EV. “We’ve launched the new charge point following the success of the A2 unit in the UK and to continue to show that technology can be complemented with outstanding design.

“It’s been a great experience to work with CALLUM Designs on the launch of the new ‘Andersen by CALLUM’ fascia, and our shared ethos of design-led luxury will see us bring further innovative collaborations to market.”

Ian Callum CBE, Director of Design at CALLUM Designs, adds: “As a design-led, British brand, CALLUM has a natural alignment with Andersen EV. We share the value that a functional product can also be beautiful and meaningful to the owner. The team has enjoyed creating the first of our bespoke fascias and looks forward to seeing them on the homes of Andersen EV customers.”

Andersen EV has also unveiled a new brand identity that will be seen across the website, social media and all company communications.

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