Audi e-tron becomes Q8 e-tron, gets 343 mile range

Tom Barnard

16 Nov 2022

Audi has revamped its e-tron range, giving it a massive 106kWh battery, a price rise and a new name. 

The company’s flagship electric SUV is now called the Q8 e-tron and has also been given improved aerodynamics, higher charging performance, and an increased range of up to 330 miles (WLTP) in the SUV and up to 343 miles (WLTP) in the slinkier Sportback. 

The previous model had a choice of two battery sizes – 71 and 95kWh and a maximum range of 223 miles. The price has also risen, with the cheapest model now costing £67,800, up from the £62,785 of the outgoing model. The Sportback adds another £2,500 to the bill.

The Q8 e-tron is avaialble as an SUV (above) or a Sportback

Three drivetrain options are available; all are four-wheel-drive. The Audi Q8 50 e-tron and the Audi Q8 Sportback 50 e-tron have an 89kWh (95kWh gross) battery, generate a maximum of 335bhp in boost mode and have a WLTP range of up to 281 miles in the SUV and up to 290 miles for the Sportback. 

Next up is the 55 e-tron, which is also driven by two electric motors producing 396bhp. With the bigger 106kWh battery the ranges are up to 330 miles for the SUV and up to 343 miles for the Sportback. 

The top-end SQ8 e-tron and Sportback e-tron, priced from £98,295, are driven by three motors. Their boost performance amounts to 496bhp, with a range of up to 284 miles for the SUV and up to 295 miles for the Sportback.

The Sportback versions are more aerodynamic and have a longer range

Charging performance has also been improved, rising from 120kW to 150kW for the lower models and 170kW for the 55 and SQ8 e-tron versions. 22kW AC charging is an optional extra.

The motors have also been modified to increase performance and efficiency, while the air-spring suspension has also been tweaked. The height of the car body can be varied by a total of 76mm, depending on the driving situation.

Changes to the look and shape of the car have also improved aerodynamics, with small spoilers which direct flow around the wheels and an active front grille which shuts vents when they are not needed.

The technology has also had an upgrade. Remote park assist will allow drivers to use an app to park or unpark their car while not actually inside the vehicle. Drivers can control the parking through the myAudi app on their smartphones. When the car reaches its final position in the parking space, it automatically switches off, puts on the parking brake, and locks the doors. 

 The first deliveries are due in April 2023.

Tech has been upgraded, but the interior remains pretty much unchanged

Q8 e-tron UK pricing 

Q8 50 e-tron (Sportback model +£2,500)

Q8 50 e-tron quattro Sport  
Q8 50 e-tron quattro S line  
Q8 50 e-tron quattro Black Edition
Q8 50 e-tron quattro Vorsprung 

Q8 55 e-tron 
(Sportback model +£2,500)

Q8 55 e-tron quattro Sport 
Q8 55 e-tron quattro S line
Q8 55 e-tron quattro Black Edition 
Q8 55 e-tron quattro Vorsprung

SQ8 e-tron 
(Sportback model +£2,500)

SQ8 e-tron Black Edition
SQ8 e-tron Vorsprung
The SQ8 e-tron is the fastest and sportiest-looking model

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