Citroen set to launch real-time route planning and charging app

Mike Askew

13 Sep 2023

Citroen has developed a new app that aims to give drivers a Tesla-like experience when planning journeys with charging stops. The new E-Routes app combines car data with live charger availability and dynamic mapping to allow drivers to navigate to available rapid charging stations. 

The app uses a vast database of live charger feeds and integrates real-time battery and consumption data from the car to find the optimum charging stop. Although other apps deliver similar route planning functions, the E-Routes app displays real-time charger availability on screen and can re-route if the chargers become unavailable. Cleverly, the system effectively bypasses the car’s built-in navigation system and uses an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connection to allow owners to pre-set their journeys before getting into their car. Users can tailor their routes to filter charger speeds, connectors and chargepoint operators. 

Drivers will be shown real-time availability as they drive towards a charging station

The app is set to go live in October 2023, but Electrifying was given an early preview of the system in operation via a CarPlay connection. Customers buying a new e-C4 or e-C4 X will be able to use the app as part of the CONNECT PLUS infotainment package that is free for a year. After the trial period drivers wanting to use the app will have to pay a subscription fee. 

The software was developed by Citroen, it will be rolled out across the Stellantis brands (Peugeot, DS, Fiat, Vauxhall and Jeep) by the end of the year. The app uses the Free2move charging aggregator for data generation and covers more than 300,000 charging points in 29 countries.  

iOS and Android app can pre-programmed with route requests and takes live battery information from the car

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