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Making the switch to an electric car is an exciting time in your life. It will bring countless advantages, but you will need to make certain adjustments to the way you do things. For example, you will need to plug in to charge - but you will never have to visit a petrol station again. 

While drivers are happy to make changes as they embrace a new electric future, BMW knows its customers will not compromise. The new iX3 Premier Edition is proof that its engineers have created an all-electric car which will plug seamlessly into its owners’ lives. 

The iX3 Premier Edition is BMW's first all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle, which has characters and qualities inspired by the conceptual blueprint of the globally successful, conventionally powered BMW X3.

The iX3 is inspired by the globally successful BMW X3

And like the familiar X3, the iX3 has the sporty, agile handling, excellent directional stability and supreme traction in adverse conditions that customers expect from a BMW Sports Activity Vehicle. With the battery mounted low down in the body it actually has a lower centre of gravity than a conventional petrol or diesel, giving a great feeling of stability. It feels more like a sports saloon than an SUV to drive but has the raised driving position which owners love. 

The iX3 has the performance to match the exciting dynamics. The electric motor, called eDrive, delivers an impressive 286hp, powering the Premier Edition from 0 to 62mph in 6.8 seconds in a stream of constant and instant acceleration. 

The motor is only one part of the sophisticated electric drivetrain in the iX3. BMW’s engineers have packed more power into less space so the drivetrain is lighter and more compact than other comparable electric vehicles. The motor and electric drive system is 30 per cent smaller than it would have been using older technology and up to 20 percent more energy can be stored in the battery compared to earlier generations of electric BMWs.

The iX3 has the raised driving position which owners love

The high efficiency of the electric motor and new generation of battery cell technology enables an exceptionally long range between charges compared to most similar-sized rivals. The new BMW iX3 has achieved a range of up to 280-282 miles* in the official WLTP test cycle when fully charged. 

The BMW iX3’s unique combination of a highly efficient drive system, adaptive brake recuperation while on the move, and extensive measures for reducing air resistance, notably improves the long-distance driving ability while saving on running costs and charging time. 

Once the time comes to charge, the iX3 has once again been optimised to minimise inconvenience and get you back out on the road quickly. It enables charging at up to 150 kW at suitable DC fast-charging stations, taking the battery from 0 to 80 per cent in 34 minutes*. A 10-minute charge could be enough to add 62 miles* of range (according to the official WLTP figures).

The iX3's navigation will help you find suitable charging stations

In addition to efficiency, the electric drivetrain is also compact, bringing practical advantages which means your lifestyle doesn’t need to be compromised to make space for a battery or motor. 

The interior of the new BMW iX3 has a highly versatile design. The driver, the front passenger and the three occupants in the rear enjoy almost exactly the same levels of space as in conventionally powered BMW X3 variants. 

And there are no major differences either in terms of luggage compartment flexibility either. The main luggage capacity matches that of combustion-engined BMW X3 models, while the boot floor lifts up to reveal an extra compartment for stowing the charging cable or load cover.

Luggage capacity matches the BMW X3

Thanks to a 40/20/40 split/folding rear seat backrest, load space can be flexibly expanded to accommodate awkward combinations of passengers and loads – perfect for those cycling trips or journeys back from the furniture store with surprise purchases. 

If the iX3’s 1,560 litre maximum capacity still isn’t enough, a towbar is available as an optional extra, allowing it to pull a trailer with a maximum load of 750 kilograms. 

Perhaps the most important area where the iX3 refuses to compromise is in the area of environmental performance. At the BMW Group, every electrified model has to demonstrate a clearly superior CO2 footprint – from procurement of raw materials to the supply chain, production, use phase and recycling – compared to a similar conventionally powered vehicle.

Every BMW electric model has a superior CO2 footprint than a petrol or diesel version

Over its lifetime the BMW iX3 will outperform a diesel- powered BMW X3 xDrive 20d by more than 30 per cent when charged using electricity generated from the European average mix of sources. Switch to exclusively green energy and the result is a 60 per cent improvement. 

It means that the iX3 will fit seamlessly into your life. 

*Subject to driving conditions: the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. They were obtained after the battery had been fully charged.

The iX3 will fit seamlessly into your life

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