Jaguar and Land Rover push for posher plugs

Shafiq Abidin


Jaguar Land Rover is to offer customers posh looking home chargers which it thinks are better suited to the design of its cars. 

A choice of seven of 22kW chargers will be available with 96 colour and finish combinations so buyers can match the theme of their chargers with their homes or car. A hidden compartment will also allow the cable to be stored when not in use. 

JLR will begin introducing these chargers into its showrooms so customers can see them in use before purchasing alongside a new vehicle. Once the order has been confirmed, the charger manufacturer - Anderson EV - will hand build and install the wall box.

The Anderson A2 charger costs £1,499 plus another £150 if you choose a wood finish.

Wood panels are made from Accoya – a sustainable eco-timber that doesn’t rot

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