Midlands is the UK home charger hot spot as UK wallbox installations rocket

Paulo Baileè

22 Sep 2022

UK electric car drivers in the South East of England are top of the electric vehicle home charging leagues according to data from wallbox installer Smart Home Charge. However it’s Mildands drivers who are currently leading the charge.

Enquiries and installations for home EV charging points have rocketed in recent years, but it is the South East that has charged to the top of the home charging league tables. Installer Smart Home Charge commissioned more than 1,400 charge points in the South East, confirming it as the most popular region for home charging between July 2020 and June 2022. 

As the number of vehicles owned by residents of the South East increases to 1.46* cars per household - the highest of any UK region - the area also becomes the most popular location for the installation of home chargers.

However, the Midlands is rapidly catching up with the most installations in 2022. The firm has installed 446 home charge points installed versus 431 for the South East so far this year. The Midlands also sees the most enquiries for home chargers of any UK regions, with more than 5,200 since July 2020. 

A deciding factor and uplift for this could be Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone, which was introduced on June 1, 2021 as the city’s answer to ever-growing pollution levels. Aimed at improving air quality as soon as possible, in particular by discouraging the most polluting vehicles from entering the zone, Birmingham is one of the key areas of the Midlands. 

The firm also highlights that home and workplace charge points total over 400,000, dwarfing the 32,663 public charging devices installed in the UK, as of June 2022.

Data from Smart Home Charge suggests drivers in the Midlands are leading the way in 2022

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