New ‘nano car’ offers 92 mile range for £15,995 - and could become new SEAT

Tom Barnard

14 Feb 2024

Electric scooter maker SILENCE has made its first four wheeler – the S04 nano car. The all-electric, compact two seater is categorised in the L7e quadricycle category.

Unlike the Citroen Ami, the S04 has a more usable 92 mile range and a 52 mph top speed. However, it is also double the price at £15,995.

SILENCE scooters are sold in Europe through SEAT dealers with the company's branding. A SEAT boss has hinted that a new, small and affordable EV is on the way from the brand, leading to speculation that the S04 will become a SEAT. However, a SILENCE spokesman said there are "no plans for the S04 to be sold as a SEAT" in the UK. 

The S04 is 2,280mm long and 1,290mm wide, making it smaller than an Ami. To ensure there is space for two, the seats are offset. The boot can take 247 litres of luggage.

The SILENCE also has some creature comforts, including a multifunction steering wheel, smartphone support, heating and air conditioning, electric windows, and a bluetooth audio system.

It is powered by two 5.6kWh lithium-Ion batteries that are removable so they can be charged away from the car. They feature an innovative trolley system to allow on or off-board mobile charging at any 240v socket.

The batteries, which are assembled in Barcelona, feature a 55W pre-heater to enhance cold weather performance.

These batteries power delivered by two 7kW motors located in the rear wheels. SILENCE is the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe, with the S01 and S02 electric scooters with 125cc and 50cc equivalent power ratings. 

The first UK deliveries of the S04 are scheduled for February 2024.

The boot is big enough for a weekly shop, and the battery packs are removable

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