Norton wins grant to build electric motorbikes

Tom Barnard


Famous British motorcycle brand Norton has announced its intention to begin developing electric motorcycles in the UK after winning significant investment through a government scheme. 

The iconic brand has been awarded funding by Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) 19, an initiative which aims to assist businesses in the automotive sector in advancing their low-carbon products. As demand for electric motorcycles grows, the project, called Zero Emission Norton, will expand the company’s electric vehicle engineering capabilities. 

The company claims the 30-month project will create a significant number of jobs in the UK in manufacturing and R&D as well as retraining existing staff to be capable of electric motorcycle engineering. This in turn will help address the UK skills shortfall in that space while helping the UK return to the position it last enjoyed in the 60’s, as the global technology leader for motorcycles. 

The result of the investment will be an electric motorcycle which Norton claim will be capable of ‘race performance’ while having enough range for touring. 

“This significant funding investment is a momentous milestone for the brand as it marks the beginning of our electrification journey and fulfilling our ten-year product plan," said Robert Hentschel, CEO Norton Motorcycles.

"Norton is an exemplar of modern luxury and unafraid to challenge the status quo, innovating for the future of mobility while staying true to our British heritage. It also brings into focus our desire to support the UK in its mission for a net-zero automotive future. 

“Working alongside our world class partners, we’re confident that project Zero Emission Norton will eliminate the current dispute between a conventional and electric motorcycle to create EV products that riders desire – motorcycles that blends Norton’s uncompromising design DNA with racing performance, touring range and lightweight handling.”

Norton hope the electric bike will be as thrilling as its petrol-powered machines, such as the V4SV

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