Skoda cuts smaller, cheaper battery option from Enyaq range

James Batchelor

22 Sep 2022

Skoda has taken its entry-level small battery Enyaq 60 off sale due to “high demand” and “component shortages”.

The move leaves just the larger 77kWh battery models, badged '80', on sale in the UK, meaning the entry price for the Enyaq range now starts at a hefty £40,970. Skoda's website configurator and price lists have been updated accordingly.

A Skoda UK spokesperson confirmed the news to Electrifying and stipulated it was an interim measure."Due to high customer demand and component supply challenges, we have temporarily taken the 60 off sale whilst we manage order take," he said, adding: "the 80 is still on sale and [there are] no plans currently to take it off."

ŠKODA, Enyaq, Blue, action The pricier 80 is now the only model available to order

The 60 model used a 58kWh battery giving a claimed range of 256 miles. Priced from £34,510, it undercut rivals' electric SUVs and was, for a short time, eligible for the Government's Plug-in Car Grant that sees buyers of cars given a £1,500 discount. The grant was revised in December 2021 meaning only cars costing up to £32,000 are now eligible for the cash saving. 

Since its launch in 2020, the Skoda has been hit by a double-whammy of component shortages and huge customer demand.

Last month, Electrifying revealed buyers are waiting between four and 18 months for brand new electric cars, with Enyaq customers experiencing on average a wait of at least 12 months. A scarcity of semiconductor chips has afflicted the car industry since 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Despite an improving supply of components, chips and raw materials in 2022, carmakers are still wading through bulging order banks.

Electrifying has heard reports of some cars leaving production lines missing optional equipment as specified by customers, and carmakers axing slower-selling models in order to streamline order banks and focus on cars that generate higher profit margins.

ŠKODA, Enyaq, green, action, charging, DC rapid, Ionity Huge demand and component shortages have meant a year-long waiting list for Enyaqs

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