Tesla switches on the first ultra-rapid chargers in Northern Ireland

Tom Barnard


Northern Ireland is no longer a rapid charger desert! Tesla has installed the first ultra-rapid chargers in the country at the Belfast Tesla Centre on Boucher Road. 

The new Supercharger site can be easily accessed from the main M1 motorway and has four V3 Supercharger stalls which are are open 24/7, although currently the chargers are only for use by Tesla customers. 

As with all Supercharger sites, the Belfast location offers discounted off-peak Supercharging rate between 10pm and 6pm. Owners can view charge rates at a local station on the car’s touchscreen or the Tesla app.

The Belfast Superchargers will be officially opened on Friday 2nd December 2022 with an event for Tesla owners.

Don't blame us for the pictures - Tesla supplied them

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