Citroen branches out into tree rental fir Christmas

Tom Barnard


Are you pining for a Christmas tree but are worried about the environmental impact? How about renting one? 

London Christmas Tree Rental encourages customers to ‘hire’ a tree for the holidays rather than buy one which has been cut down and will need disposing of in January. The company’s Norway Spruces come supplied as living in pots and are collected after Christmas so it can continue to grow. Customers can even rent the same tree year after year. 

This year, even the tree deliveries and collections will be zero-emission, thanks to a Citroën ë-Dispatch van. It will cover more than 2,000 miles dropping off and collecting the trees from customers, saving more than 428kg of CO2 compared to an equivalent Diesel van. 

citroen e-dispatch electric van Wood you like a rented tree?

London Christmas Tree Rental was started after founder Jonathan Mearns realised that more than seven million Christmas trees end up as landfill each year. He said: “London Christmas Tree Rental is about revolutionising how we use Christmas trees and electric vehicles are revolutionising the motor industry, so it's a great relationship. As a new company we are always looking at how we can be more efficient and using an electric van is one of those significant steps.”

The company has already ‘sold out’ of trees for 2020, but customers can put their name down for 2021 here.

citroen e-dispatch electric van The van will cover 2,000 miles on various roots

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