France starts crack down on petrol-powered motorbikes with parking charges and ‘noise radars.’

Tom Barnard


The French government is ramping up its efforts to get motorcyclists to switch to electric with a extra restrictions in the capital Paris, and the spread of ‘noise radar’ trials to other regions in France. 

The biggest change is the introduction of parking charges for motorcyclists throughout Paris, where it has previously been free. Electric motorbikes and scooters are still exempt. 

The cost of parking will vary according to the location and length of time you are parking for, with discounts for residents and those purchasing ‘season tickets’. The cost is half the price of parking a car in the same location. 

Paris has also been trialling noise a radar technology called Medusa which is like a speed camera for modified motorbikes and cars which exceed 90dBa from ‘sports’ exhausts. If the devices sense a noisy vehicle, it will take a picture of the registration plate and the owner will receive a fine. 

Meanwhile, the government is using a carrot as well as the sticks to encourage greener transport. A new ‘scrappage’ scheme offers up to 4,000 euros towards the price of an electric bike in exchange for an older polluting car. Even those not wanting to scrap their car can receive a 400 euro grant to buy an electric bike for commuting.

Petrol bike riders will have to pay for parking from September 1st

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