Jaguar scraps all-electric XJ plans

Tom Barnard


Jaguar has scrapped its all-electric XJ saloon just months before it was due to be launched. The shock move is part of a new global strategy announced for Jaguar Land Rover under the new leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Thierry Bolloré.

The XJ is the luxury flagship of the brand and the chosen transport of VIPs such as the Prime Minister. However, the brand is not turning it's back on electric. Bolloré said: "By the middle of the decade, Jaguar will have undergone a renaissance to emerge as a pure electric luxury brand. Although the nameplate may be retained, the planned Jaguar XJ replacement will not form part of the line-up, as the brand looks to realise its unique potential."

In the next five years, Land Rover will also launch six pure electric variants. The company is also developing hydrogen fuel-cells, so that 100% of Jagaur models and 60% of Land Rovers will be zero-emission by 2030. 

The Jaguar move will be a surprise to many in the industry, who were waiting to see the brand's next move after the launch four years ago of the iPace. This received more awards than any other car in history from media experts and now accounts for around a quarter of all Jaguar sales worldwide. However it now faces increased pressure from other brands who are launching into the same market with fresh product. 

I-Pace has been highly praised by experts like Ginny and accounts for a quarter of all Jag sales worldwide

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