British Gas and Osprey partner to accelerate fleet electrification

Tom Barnard


British Gas has partnered with Osprey Charging to help swap its vehicles to an all-electric fleet and simplify the charging process for its drivers. 

The partnership provides British Gas engineers with direct access to Osprey’s nationwide network of over 300 rapid charging stations throughout the UK, creating a simple driver experience and centralised fleet billing to support British Gas’ electric fleet operations.  

With around 9,000 vehicles, British Gas is one of the UK's biggest fleet operators and is working towards converting its entire fleet to become fully electric. 

British Gas wants to create a convenient and seamless payment method for its drivers via an electric ‘fuel’ card. Osprey is the first network to deliver this integration, allowing British Gas’ own fleet management system to keep an eye on charges. 

As part of the collaboration the British Gas fleet will also have access to the 150 high power EV charging hubs Osprey will deliver by 2024 as part of a £75 million investment. 

James Rooney, Fleet Engineering and Innovation Manager at British Gas, said, “It is essential that we support our engineering team with not just an accessible network of charging points, but a method of paying for charging that is hassle free. We know that around seven in ten of our drivers don’t have access to home charging and partnerships such as this will help to provide the confidence required."

Drivers of British Gas' 9,000 strong fleet will get a 'fuel' card to allow easy charging

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