BYD breaks battery EV records and beats Tesla for first time

Tom Barnard

5 Jan 2024

BYD has concluded 2023 with record-breaking sales volume, which surpasses its 3 million annual sales target and ensures the company has retains its 2022 title for the biggest selling 'electrified' brand, shifting more plug-in cars than any other marque.

More significantly, 1.6 million of that total were pure electric. BYD said it had sold 526,000 battery-only vehicles in the final quarter of 2023, meaning it overtook Tesla which managed 484,500 cars. This is the first time BYD has beaten its arch rival.

This year also marks BYD being listed among the global top 10 of car sales for the first time. In the Chinese market, BYD retained its position as the best-selling car brand and manufacturer.

December saw sales of 341,043 units, a significant 45% increase, culminating in a total of 3,024,417 vehicles sold throughout the year, a substantial 61.9% surge from the previous year. 

The brand launched in the UK with its Dolphin, Seal and Atto 3 ranges.

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