Citroen offers free lamp post charging to Ami buyers

Tom Barnard

22 Sep 2022

Citroën is offering the first 2,000 UK Ami buyers three months free charging across ubitricity’s network of more than 5,400 kerbside charge points. 

Daniel Kunkel, CEO of ubitricity, said: “The visions of Citroën’s Ami and ubitricity’s lamp post charge points align neatly – they are minimalistic, space-saving and simple, with a low footprint, mindful of resources and affordable for everyone. In many of Europe’s cities, space is at a premium and for EV drivers without private parking, ubitricity’s lamp post charging solution offers convenient and affordable access to on-street charging right at their doorstep.” 

Eurig Druce, Managing Director of Citroën UK, said: “With this partnership, we wish to provide our UK buyers with a hassle-free, affordable solution to charge their Ami. This is in line with Citroën’s philosophy of providing electric vehicles with a customer-centric approach.” 

Citroën has also announced a service package for the Ami, called My Ami Care, covering routine servicing, an extended warranty. Customers can choose a My Ami Care package between two and five years. 

Each package includes a 10,000 miles per annum limit, up to a maximum of five years and 50,000 miles. 

My Ami Care is available online initially for customers paying cash for their Ami. Finance customers wishing to purchase My Ami Care will need to do so, in the first instance, at an Ami participating retailer or authorised repairer. This service will be available online at a later date.

Citroen Ami in UK, French registered, charging at a lamp post ubitricity charge point Keeping you posted - Ami buyers get three months of free street charging

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