ElectraMeccanica SOLO is a three wheeler for drivers who like to go it alone

A Canadian electric car manufacturer is to offer its one-seater, three-wheeled SOLO electric vehicle to the UK.

The SOLO is a compact, rear-wheel drive electric vehicle with a 19.4kWh battery giving a range of 100 miles. Its 204bhp single motor is enough to get it from 0-62mph in 11.9 seconds, and on to a top speed of 80mph.

Currently sold in the US for £15,058 ($18,500), the SOLO has been built around the needs of a consumer that lives in high-density areas, and requires a vehicle that’s efficient, cost-effective and easy to travel in.

A SOLO Cargo model – aimed at delivery-oriented businesses like UberEATS – is also available for £19,954 ($24,500), and includes an extended cargo box that supports a range of fleet and commercial applications.

As such, it provides ample storage for one, and provides safety, weather and temperature-protection advantages over two-wheeled alternatives, like scooters and motorcycles, as well as front and rear crumble zones, side impact protection, and a roll bar. The SOLO also includes Bluetooth connectivity and air conditioning, as well as power steering and power brakes.

The ElectraMeccanica Solo is an alternative to the Citroen Ami

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