Is electric 'pony' on course to make horses obsolete?

Tom Barnard


Could this electric vehicle be the modern alternative to a horse? American company LyteHorse Labs reckons it has created the ultimate alternative to the long-faced, four-legged favourite with a new buggy which runs on electricity rather than hay.

The LyteHorse is a development of a golf buggy which costs £13,000 and is available with a massive list of extras, stretching from gun racks and winches to flashing lights. It’s available with two or four wheel drive, has a top speed of 35 mph and a range of 100 miles. It can even be fitted with a towbar.

LyteHorse is available with two or four wheel drive and a long list of options

Unlike conventional buggies and motorcycles, the rider stands while driving the LyteHorse, which is said to give a better vantage point. The company claims it has had expression of interest from the military, police forces and farmers. 

The main advantage over a horse or motorcycle is that it requires very little skill to ride – and also has zero emissions from the back end. 

Unlike motorcycles and horses, nothing is emitted from the back of this buggy.

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