MG takes 1,000 deposits for MG4s in two weeks

Tom Barnard

22 Sep 2022

MG has sold more than half of its 2022 allocation of the new MG4 before a single car has been delivered – a new record for the company. 

MG dealers have already taken more than 1,000 confirmed orders, backed by deposits. The company has 2,000 4s arriving before the end of the year. 

The majority of customers are plumping for the Trophy model, with 70% choosing this range-topping version. The ‘Volcano’ bright orange colour is proving most popular than expected too. 

Guy Pigounakis, MG Motor’s Commercial Director told us : “We have placed every car we are getting this year already and have dealers screaming for more. Also, a number of major fleet operators have approached us looking to order multiple hundreds. We are off to a very good start!” 

The hatchback, tested by Nicki in a video here, has caused shockwaves in the industry with its sub £26,000 starting price, respectable range and decent equipment levels.

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Buyers love the range topping Trophy and orange paint option, says MG

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