New £4,000 Lumin Corn scores for cuteness as Chinese market for mini electric car booms

Mike Askew

22 Sep 2022

Chinese brand Avatr has just revealed what could be a contender for the cutest electric car of all time. The new Lumin Corn has been designed specifically to compete in the Chinese domestic market where tiny electric cars are huge business. 

Set to launch later this year, the Lumin Corn is available with two battery pack options; 12.9kWh and 17.6kWh and will have estimated ranges of 96 miles and 130 miles respectively. Avatr plans to introduce a larger 28kWh pack with 187 miles of range at a later date. Power is a modest 40bhp while charging can only be carried out by an AC connection. It’s unclear as to whether the Lumin Corn can be adapted for DC rapid charging, but given the size of the batteries and the fact that the car will be used for short journeys, this seems unlikely.

In terms of dimensions, the Lumin Corn is 3.27 metres long, 1.7 metres wide and 1.55 metres tall with a wheelbase of 1.98 metres. Inside, Avatr claims that there is space for four adults, although this would appear to come at the expense of boot space, which measures just 104 litres. The interior seems remarkably well appointed given its price point, with two digital displays, a multi-function steering wheel and electric windows.

Lumin Corn, Chinese electric car, interior Interior features two digital displays and air-conditioning. Seats for four and a 104 litre boot with the rear seats folded

The Lumin Corn will compete against the Wuling Mini EV, which has consistently topped Chinese sales charts since its launch. Almost 400,000 examples were sold last year in China, which is the largest market in the world for electric cars. The Lumin Corn will also be battling for sales with the wonderfully-named Chery QQ Ice Cream, which has also been a strong seller since its launch last year.

Although prices have yet to be announced for the Lumin Corn, it is likely to be competitive with the Wuling Mini EV, which costs the equivalent of £4,000. As with the Mini EV, the Lumin Corn is unlikely to be sold outside China at time soon. Sub-compact electric cars in the Chinese domestic market are not subject to the same type approval and crash test regulations as European models. It’s understood that in order to be suitable for European markets, substantial changes to the design and engineering would be required. 

Lumin Corn, Chinese electric car, side, green In terms of dimensions, the Lumin Corn is 3.27 metres long, 1.7 metres wide and 1.55 metres tall with a wheelbase of 1.98 metres
Chery QQ Ice Cream The Lumin Corn will go head-to-head with cars like the Chery QQ Ice Cream

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