Nissan reinvents GT-R supercar as an EV

Tom Barnard

25 Oct 2023

Nissan has topped off its bumper month of electric concept car reveals with the Batmobile-like Hyper Force Concept, which steers the way to a 1,340bhp, all-electric GT-R due in 2028. 

The company has revealed one EV concept every week leading up to the show, including everything from a luxury people mover to small crossovers. 

It's the Hyper Force which is getting fast car fans interested however. The all-electric high-performance supercar has clear visual links to the legendary GT-R. future. 

Instead of the current GT-R’s turbo V6 petrol, the new concept uses a solid-state battery linked to motors which produce 1,000 kW – that’s 1,340bhp, or 10 times as much power as a normal electric hatchback.

The wild look incorporates elements of classic Skylines

The wings and body shape give extra downforce at speed, combined with an advanced form of Nissan's e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology to ensure stability and traction. 

The front and rear spoilers feature active aero functionality, while a ‘plasma actuator’ works to maximise grip and minimise inner-wheel lift during cornering. 

Incorporated throughout the design are elements such as on the front and rear lamps that pay homage to Nissan's high-performance cars.

The spoiler move around to give the best downforce in corners

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