Tesla cuts back on Supercharger roll-out as part of cost-cutting drive

Mike Askew

2 May 2024

Tesla has confirmed the disbanding of its dedicated Supercharger development team following the latest round of redundancies at the brand. The department was responsible for creating what is the world’s biggest and most prominent charging networks, and casts into doubt the speed of its further expansion.

Over the years, the Supercharger network has grown exponentially, boasting over 35,000 Superchargers in operation globally as of April 2024. This extensive network has been a significant competitive advantage for Tesla, attracting customers who valued the convenience and reliability of dedicated charging infrastructure. In the UK, where more than 40 sites are now open to all electric car users, it also represents the cheapest way to recharge. Although many analysts believe that the network is run as a loss-leader, it has been an effective tool to persuade buyers that choosing a Tesla represents the easiest way to go electric. 

Although CEO Elon Musk confirmed the cuts via posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, neither he or the company has provided a clear explanation for disbanding the dedicated Supercharger team. Tesla released a brief statement, indicating that the move aims to "streamline operations and improve efficiency across the company."

One possible reason is that Tesla is planning to integrate Supercharger development into its broader engineering teams. This could lead to more efficient use of resources, but it might also raise concerns about the network's future growth and maintenance. Although Tesla has vowed to complete all sites currently under construction, several development sites in the US have been scaled back or been cancelled completely. Four sites in New York which were earmarked as future hubs were all cancelled shortly after the news broke. 

The news has caused unease among Tesla owners and industry analysts alike. Some worry that the disbanding of the Supercharger team signifies a potential slowdown in network expansion or a decline in service quality. Tesla currently boasts one of the most extensive fast-charging networks globally, and its continued development is crucial for long-distance electric car travel.

Tesla has assured customers that it remains committed to the Supercharger network. However, the lack of clear details about the team's disbandment and future plans leaves room for uncertainty. 

Tesla has been installing its latest V4 chargers and numerous British sites

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