Tesla opens its landmark 800th supercharger location in Europe

Shafiq Abidin


Tesla has announced the opening of its milestone 800th charging location in Europe. The latest site, located in Avignon in Southern France, contains 28 charging stalls and keeps in line with Tesla’s plan to introduce larger charging networks to accommodate for the growing number of people purchasing electric cars. The American brand now offers an average of 11 superchargers per site and has a total of 9,000 across the continent – with the UK alone having nearly 100 Tesla supercharger sites. 

To put this growth into context, Tesla’s first six charging locations – all established in Norway – contained just four chargers. Now, Norway hosts Tesla’s biggest European charging station at Nebannes, where 44 supercharger sites can be found. 

The announcement comes as Tesla continues to open its network to non-Tesla owners. Two weeks ago, the brand unlocked selected sites in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and Switzerland as part of its Europe-wide development programme. In the UK,a  total of 15 stations and 158 individual Superchargers are part of the pilot that started in May. 

Thanks to the pilot expansion the Supercharger network has also become the biggest fast charging network (with units of 150 kW+) in Europe.  In the UK, the newly open chargers represent 25% of the brand’s 650 charger capacity in the UK. The inclusion of the UK in the pilot scheme means that non-Tesla drivers will also have access to opened-up chargers across Europe. Until now, access to these were limited to drivers based in any of the participating countries. 

Tesla's supercharge site in Avignon, France has become the US firm's 800th European site

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