Tesla takes a shot at the Tequila market

Tom Barnard


Tesla is trying to worm its way into the affections of booze fans with a specially branded bottle of Tequila. The company's boss Elon Musk originally tweeted about 'Teslaquila' as an April-fools joke in 2018, but it has since become a reality and gone on sale in the company online merchandise store.

However the Teslaquila name has disappeared and it is simply called Tesla Tequila. The drink is described as being: "A premium 100% de agave tequila añejo aged in French oak barrels." The bottle itself is shaped like a lightning bolt.

Tesla Tequila Lightning your wallet: the $250 bottle

The price is an eye-watering $250 (£190) per bottle, but the stock sold out almost instantly. If you want to taste the tequila without opening the bottle and ruining your investment, you could try Tequila Reposado from the distiller Nosotros. This is the company which Tesla says makes its Tequila, and the Reposado has a very similar description and tasting notes on its website. A bottle costs just $49 however.

Tesla Tequila Tesla's Tequila could be a rebottled version of this $49 Reposado

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