Upgrades and downgrades expand the Audi e-tron range

Ginny Buckley


Do you like the look of the Audi e-tron but think it’s too expensive? Or maybe too slow? The company has now expanded the range with new high-performance e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback models. At the same time it has quietly reduced the cost and battery capacity of the standard model.

The new 'S' models produce some big numbers

The new S models use three motors to create a whopping 489bhp – that’s as much as some serious petrol-powered supercars. Both the e-tron S and Sportback version use a 95kWh battery, which gives official WLTP ranges of 223 miles and 226 miles. They will be available in the UK from this autumn, priced from £87,000 – around the same as the cheapest Tesla Model X.

New models are available to order now and should arrive by the autumn

The standard car will no longer be available with the 95kWh battery and will now use a 71 kWh pack, reducing the range from 248 to 182 miles and nobbling the performance too. The price also drops though, with the cheapest e-tron now costing £59,900 – that’s a massive £11,660 less than the previous 55 model. 

New 50 model is £11,660 cheaper, but has less range and performance

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