Why BMW is an Electrifying Green Hero

Tom Barnard

22 Sep 2022

BMW has received one of the first Green Hero Awards from Electrifying.com in honour of its pioneering investment in zero emission vehicles and plans for sustainable electric vehicle manufacturing.

The judges noted examples of positive action from BMW included sourcing aluminium produced purely with solar energy, making its suppliers state CO2 levels in quotes for business, and committing to using zero-emission cargo vessels for delivering cars from 2030.

All of the BMW Group’s production locations worldwide are also now supplied with 100% renewable electricity and will be net carbon neutral from this year.

They were also impressed by the company's long-standing commitment to electric motoring, starting with the pioneering i3 and now developing into a range of efficient and desirable models such as the i4. 

Chris Brownridge, Chief Executive Officer at BMW Group UK said: “We are delighted that BMW has been named a ‘Green Hero’ by Electrifying.com. To us, green means thinking beyond the tailpipe – we need to consider the entire lifecycle of the car, starting with the raw materials and the increased use of recycled materials, through the supply chain and production, to the car’s useful life and eventual recycling. 

"We are serious about wanting to lead the transformation of our industry and have set ourselves an ambitious target for 2030: to reduce the CO2 lifecycle emissions per vehicle by at least 40 per cent from 2019 levels. Reusing materials as part of a circular economy is key to this and we want to increase the amount of reused materials per car to 50%.”

We will continue to assess companies as they launch new cars and initiatives so we can recognise the Green Heroes who are making electric cars more sustainable. To judge the awards, every manufacturer currently offering electric cars in the UK was asked to provide details of: · 

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