Why Nissan is an Electrifying Green Hero

Tom Barnard


Nissan has received one of the first Green Hero Awards from Electrifying.com in honour of its pioneering investment in zero emission vehicles and plans for sustainable electric vehicle manufacturing.

The award recognises Nissan’s solid plan to reach carbon neutrality, its £1bn UK investment in sustainable electric car production technologies, as well as the global success of the Leaf.

Our judges noted Nissan has a “long history of pioneering in the field of electric vehicles” and a “joined-up approach to manufacturing which showed real depth of thought into reducing impact on the environment” on a global and local scale. 

 Examples of positive action included Nissan’s long-established solar and wind farms, recycling initiatives and the shorter supply chains brought by local production. 

It was also noted that its recently announced EV36Zero plans are already becoming a reality, rather than existing only on paper. Work has already started on a second solar farm at the plant, which will allow 20% of the plant’s energy to come from the onsite solar and wind. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick, boss of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management at Nissan Europe, said: “We are delighted to receive this award for our pioneering work with electric vehicles since 2010, including the Nissan LEAF, which is proudly built by our manufacturing team here in the UK. “As our recent EV36Zero announcements show, Nissan is investing £1bn into sustainable and future-proof manufacturing in Sunderland as part of a global plan to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations and the lifecycle of its products by 2050. “We would like to thank the Electrifying.com team for this award and all the great work that they are doing to advance awareness and importance of sustainability in the automotive industry.” 

Ginny Buckley, Founder and CEO of Electrifying.com, said: "Nissan was a trailblazer with its electric cars and is now at the forefront of moving to sustainable production. From the food we buy to the cars we drive, consumers are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint with Electrifying.com research showing that two out of three people are concerned about the environmental impact of how their car was made. Our Green Hero award will help car buyers looking for clarity in this area and shine a light on the work Nissan is doing."

We will continue to assess companies as they launch new cars and initiatives so we can recognise the Green Heroes who are making electric cars more sustainable. To judge the awards, every manufacturer currently offering electric cars in the UK was asked to provide details of: · 

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