How to use a FastNed electric car charging station

Tom Barnard

6 Jun 2024

​FastNed’s growing network of charging stations has got a great reputation with electric car drivers, with good reliability and facilities around its 21 hubs in the UK. Venture into Europe and there are even more Fastned points – the total currently stands at 1,700 chragers in 300 locations, covering eight countries.

The distinctive stations have a yellow theme, and usually feature a ‘zigzag’ shaped roof canopy that helps drivers to locate the site and stay dry while charging. They also have solar panels to help feed the chargers with green electricity.

You can find them in any of the usual apps or by searching FastNed’s own search here.

How do I use a FastNed charger?

You can pay with your credit/debit card, or use the Fastned app, or use Autocharge on a compatible car. 

To pay with contactless, tap your charge card over the reader. On some chargers, you will have to press the "Start" button first.  You should hear a “beep” to confirm payment. The company will hold a £40 reservation charge against your account. 

When you are finished, press stop on screen. If you paid using a charge card, you might need to tap your charge card on the charge card reader once more to stop your session. 

To use the app, click the big yellow ‘Charge’ button in the bottom menu on your smartphone and select the cable number you want to use. If your connector isn’t shown in your app, enter the code you find near the charger screen or on top of the connector. Then plug the connector into your vehicle and you should be charging.

For Autocharge, you can simply plug your car in and the electronics will talk to each other and sort it all out automatically.

Do FastNed have CHAdeMO chargers? 

Yes, and some have AC only too, which will help out Renault Zoe and some Smart drivers. 

How much does charging cost at FastNed stations?

Currently, its 69p per kWh. You will get a discount If you charge with us several times per month, it could be interesting for you to become a Gold Member.

Gold Member provides a 30% discount off the Standard Tariff if you pay £9.99 per month. You’ll need to get a calculator out to see if it makes sense for you.

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