Rapid charger pricewatch: how much will you pay to top up?

Mike Askew

4 Apr 2023

How much will you pay to charge your electric car? Electrifying.com has collated all current DC rapid charging prices and ranked providers from the cheapest to the most expensive. As some charge point providers have different tariffs for different charging speeds and, in some cases, locations, we have itemised these according to speed available. 

Some operators, such as Pod Point and Mer, have different pricing according to location. Where possible, we have found the highest charges. Drivers may be able to charge at lower prices on these networks.  Some networks may also offer subscriptions which may lower the cost per kWh.

Shell Recharge Ultra-Rapid 175kW : 85p/kWh 

ChargePlace Scotland : 85p/kWh 

Osprey : 79p/kWh 

Shell Recharge Rapid 50kW : 79p/kWh  

bp pulse : 79p/kWh  

Swarco EConnect : 79p/kWh  

MFG EV Power : 79p/kWh  

Instavolt (from Aug 15) : 75p/kWh  

GeniePoint : 75p/kWh

IONITY : 74p/kWh  

ESB : 74p/kWh  

Fastned : 73p/kWh  

PodPoint (non Tesco) : 73p/kWh  

MER Ultra Rapid 75kW : 72p/kWh  

PodPoint Tesco 75kW : 69p/kWh  

PodPoint Lidl 50kW : 65p/kWh  

PodPoint Tesco 50kW : 62p/kWh  

Gridserve High Power 350kW : 66p/kWh  

Tesla Public : 61p/kWh  

Raw Charging 300kW : 57p/kWh  

Tesla owner : 45p/kWh  

EB Charging : 44p/kWh 

The UK average cost of using a rapid charger is 70.5p per kWh 

To ‘fill’ (0-100%) a 58kWh Volkswagen ID.3 on a cheap rate (7.5p Octopus Go) tariff, it will cost £4.35. To fully charge at a DC rapid charge point, the average cost is £40.89.

For a driver doing 10k miles a year with a range of 210 miles per charge (real world figure), this works out at 48 full charges a year (2,784kWh).

48 charges at 7.5p per kWh = £208.80

48 charges at 70.5p per kWh = £1,962.72

(all figures correct as of 4th April 2023)

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