Citroen Ami Buggy Review


Price: £7,500 (estimated)

If the standard Citroen Ami isn't quite quirky enough for you, how about an off road version? The Buggy is currently only a concept, but expect to see something similar reaching production. 

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  • Lightning
  • Lightning
  • Lightning
  • Lightning
  • Lightning
  • Battery size: 5.5 kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 8
  • E-Rating™: A+

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  • Max charge rate: 2 kW
  • Range: 40 miles (estimated)
  • Citroen Ami Buggy front action
  • Citroen Ami Buggy front action right to left, coast road
  • Citroen Ami Buggy rear action sand
  • Citroen Ami Buggy plugging in
  • Citroen Ami Buggy interior dashboard
  • Citroen Ami Buggy seats
  • E-Rating A+
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 22/02/2022・Updated: 24/06/2022

Ginny Says

“I didn't think it was possible to make the Ami any cuter, but the Buggy's chunky looks make it look like something from a children's book. I love the idea that Citroen will make different versions of the Ami to maker it even more fun.”

Nicki Says

“It might look a bit crazy, but there's a whole lot of interesting thinking it the Ami Buggy. My bag obsession means I love the fitted luggage, but it makes complete sense to have a smartphone holder and Bluetooth speaker rather than a built-in hi-fi system. ”

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Citroen Ami Buggy plugging in

Got questions? We've put together the most frequently-asked topics below. If there's something we haven't answered here or in the review then let us know on our contact page.


Is the Citroen Ami Buggy going to be built?

The standard Ami is already being built and is definitely coming to the UK too. The Buggy is officially a concept, but Citroen bosses have dropped hints that some similar will go into production too - along with other variations of Ami.

Is the Citroen Ami Buggy going to be legal in the UK?

Yes, the Ami (and the Buggy) are legal to drive in the UK. In fact, you can watch Ginny driving one around Oxfordshire here

Can I drive a Citroen Ami Buggy when I'm 16?

I'm afraid not. It's just too heavy, so is classed as a heavy quadricycle rather than a light quadricycle in the eyes of the law. Unless you are in France - you can drive one there when you are 14. Or have been banned for drink driving. 

How much will the Citroen Ami Buggy cost?

The standard Ami is around £5,500 in France, but that does include some grants from the government. We don't get those in the UK as they only apply to cars or motorcycles and the Ami doesn't qualify as either. Our best guess is that the standard Ami will cost around £7,000, and the Buggy would be a little more. Expect leases to be very low though, at less than £30 per month.

How can I charge a Citroen Ami Buggy and how far will it go?

The Ami Buggy has a cable and plug built in to the bodywork. It uses a two-pin Euro spec plug, so UK cars will have an adaptor so you can charge them wherever there's a standard socket. If you want to use a public charge point, there will be another adaptor which will use a Type 2 connector - but it won't speed up the charge rate and you'll still only get 2kW. A full charge will take around three hours and will take you around 40-45 miles. That might not sound much, but that's two hours of driving in an Ami.

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