Hyundai IONIQ 6 Preview

Price: £50,000 (estimated)

The IONIQ 5 is about to get a smoother and posher brother in the form of the IONIQ 6. Set to land in the UK in 2023, the IONIQ 6 will mark the second stage in Hyundai's roll-out of its electric-only IONIQ sub-brand. Will it be worth the wait?

  • Battery size: 77.4kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 4.1 (est)
  • Max charge rate: 232 kW
  • Range: 320 miles (estimate)
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Published: 12/04/2022・Updated: 24/06/2022

Ginny Says

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“The 6 will take all of the things we love about the IONIQ5 and put them in a sleeker package which promises even more efficiency. It's a shame it's a saloon though, as it limits its appeal in the UK.”

Nicki Says


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“If the IONIQ 6 actually ends up looking like the concept car, there will be people who will buy it just for the way it looks. I love the way Hyundai is taking its design.”

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Hyundai’s second generation of electric cars is set to expand with the introduction of a new IONIQ model - the 6. With the IONIQ 5 still wowing buyers and attracting one of the biggest waiting lists in the business, Hyundai is hoping to repeat that success with a range of models that will sit either side of the 5. 

Hyundai’s big plan is to create a separate IONIQ sub-brand for its all-electric range with odd number cars (3,5 and 7) all taking the form of CUVs and SUVs and all even number cars (4,6 and 8) all saloons and coupes. The next two models off the Hyundai drawing board will be the IONIQ 6, which is set to arrive next year, and the IONIQ 7, which is expected early 2024. 

All will be based on Hyundai’s latest generation underpinnings, known internally as the E-GMP. This is essentially a universal assembly that houses battery packs, chargers, floor pressing and suspension. Developed with sister brand Kia, the platform can be altered in length and width to suit different car sizes, and saves Hyundai time and development costs when creating new models. 

IONIQ 6 - what we know so far

Officially, Hyundai has released very few details about the new IONIQ 6, but that isn’t unusual in the car world. The final shape of the IONIQ 5 was only revealed a few months before the first cars were delivered to customers. We can expect the same for the 6. Our exclusive rendering is based on pictures of test mules and details revealed on Hyundai’s Prophecy concept car. What we do know is that the IONIQ 6 will sit above the 5 in Hyundai’s line-up and will take the form of a four-door coupe. While the European market will be important for Hyundai, the 6 is aimed squarely at the North American market where sedans with boots tend to have more appeal with buyers. 

IONIQ 6 - design

Based on testing images taken in South Korea and most recently in Norway (cold weather testing), the IONIQ 6 looks to be a sleeker and smoother offering than the square-edged IONIQ 5. The profile looks similar to that of the Porsche Taycan while we’re also expecting elements of Hyundai’s ‘pixel’ design to be evident in components such as the front and rear lights. Although Hyundai has stated on a number of occasions that the IONIQ 6 will be based on the sleek Prophecy concept car, the final production model will sit a little higher to accommodate the floor-mounted battery pack.  

Inside, the IONIQ 6 is expected to borrow features from the IONIQ 5 and deliver similar levels of interior space. The dashboard will have the same twin screen layout with both being incorporated into a panel that extends from behind the steering wheel to the centre console. 

As for practicality, the IONIQ 6 takes the form of a four-door coupe, so is unlikely to feature a large hatch at the rear. Instead, the 6 will come with a traditional boot.

IONIQ 6 - battery and range

In terms of specification, the IONIQ 6 will be very similar to the IONIQ 5. It will use the same 800 volt charging system that will allow it to charge to 80% in under 20 minutes. The range-topping version is likely to fitted with a 77.4kWh pack and come with the option of dual motor all-wheel drive. However, unlike its smaller stablemate, the IONIQ 6 is unlikely to be offered with an entry-level 58kWh pack. As for range, the IONIQ 6 appears to be a more aero-friendly design than the IONIQ 5, so we would expect it come with a better range that could easily top 320 miles. However, this is largely dependent on the final weight of the IONIQ 6. 

IONIQ 6 UK on sale and price

Hyundai is expected to show the final production version of the IONIQ 6 shortly and has plans to launch the car in 2023. Given the fact that it will sit above the IONIQ 5 in the range, we’d expect prices to start from around £50,000 for the entry-level rear-wheel drive model. 

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