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Mercedes EQC used

Ginny Says



“I wanted to like the EQC more than I do. Yes it’s a well built, impressively quiet, luxurious and comfortable electric SUV, but it simply doesn't excite me or have the best range.  I think the Jaguar I-Pace is more interesting and fun to drive, while the longer range Audi e-tron is also worth a look.”

Tom Says



“Hmm. It’s a good car, the EQC. If there's a criticism to be made, it’s that it feels like a GLC with an electric drivetrain plumbed in. Which is sort of what it is - the two are cousins. It’s a pleasant and relaxing way of gadding about, but not one that will set your trousers on fire.”

There doesn’t appear to be many EQCs available used yet – but ask around and you can find some. Used supply will undoubtedly increase as the model gets older and more common.

  • Prices from:£60,000

Used models

Check on any of the usual used car advertising websites or even Mercedes’ own approved used site and it appears that there are very few EQCs for sale. But our sources in the trade tell us that used models do exist, you just have to ask nicely to get hold of them!

To avoid putting customers off buying a new model, Mercedes dealers are asked not to list used EQCs on the web. But there will be several who will be only too happy to let you buy one of their demonstrator or display models, especially if you get the timing right and buy when it is near the end of their financial year or when a quarterly bonus is pending.

There won’t be hundreds of cars available and it may involve some time calling around – so make sure it is worth investing the time.

The discounts over new prices won’t be too huge yet either, but expect a meaningful discount and for any optional extras to be thrown in without a hike in the price. 

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