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Tom Says



“The MG5 is a really interesting car. It's not exciting to drive or look at, but it does a really good job of being practical and useful at a price which undercuts everything else. I really respect that.”

Ginny Says



“The MG5 makes a refreshing change to SUVs. It might not be as fashionable but its great for family and business drivers. I'd expect loads of taxi drivers to love this car too - it will save them a fortune.”

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Is the MG5 a good car?

Yes, it is and we recommend it. There are far sexier, quirkier-looking and exciting electric cars on sale, but the MG5 is a great normal car that happens to be electric.

What type of car is the MG5?

It’s an estate car – there’s no saloon or hatchback version – which makes it unique on the UK market. There’s no other pure electric estate car on sale and won’t be for quite some time.

How much does the MG5 cost?

After the Government grant is deducted, the MG5 costs £24,495 for the Excite model and £26,995 for the Exclusive model. That actually makes it really good value and its undercut family hatchbacks like the Nissan Leaf by around £5,000.

How long does it take to charge the MG5?

The MG5 can be charged at a wallbox charger with a Type 2 cable or at a fast-charger using a CCS cable. Plug in at home from a 7kW wallbox and a full charge will take eight and a half hours, while a 0-80% top-up from a fast-charger at a supermarket car park will take 50 minutes.

Do MG make electric cars?  

Yes, the MG5 is the second electric car from the now Chinese-owned British brand. The ZS EV was the first to arrive in 2019 and MG also makes a plug-in hybrid SUV called the HS Plug-in. 

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