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MG 5 EV Performance

Tom Says



“The MG5 is a really interesting car. It's not exciting to drive or look at, but it does a really good job of being practical and useful at a price which undercuts everything else. I really respect that.”

Ginny Says



“The MG5 makes a refreshing change to SUVs. It might not be as fashionable but its great for family and business drivers. I'd expect loads of taxi drivers to love this car too - it will save them a fortune.”

It's not sporty like you might expect an MG to be, but as a comfortable estate car the MG5 excels

MG 5 EV Performance

  • 0-62 mph:7.3
  • Top speed:115mph

MG 5 EV performance 

It may wear sensible clothes and have styling that’s not remotely sporting, but the MG5 isn’t a slow car. Floor the throttle and 0-60mph takes just over seven seconds, which for an electric estate car isn’t bad at all. The 115kW motor equates to 154bhp - that's about the same as a 1.8-litre petrol car - and around town the MG5 is very nippy and will surprise most at just how quickly it can race away from traffic lights. A Sport mode sharpens up the throttle response even more but that does reduce the range somewhat.

MG 5 EV driving

All MG5s come with 16-inch alloy wheels and big tyres which is a change from most cars these days which favour 'bling' large wheels and tiny tyres. This means the MG5 is blessed with a really comfortable ride and can easily deal with potholes and rough road surfaces. The car’s lower body means it’s a bit more fun to drive than the MG ZS EV for instance, but it’s not what you’d call a hoot to drive. It doesn’t have a sporty feeling behind the wheel like you might expect an MG to have, but it is a very quiet and comfortable car. Overall the MG5 looks just like it goes – sensible, fuss-free and unassuming. 

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