Used Porsche Taycan Review

Price: £70,690 - £138,830

Well-built and brilliant to drive. The Taycan feels like a landmark car for Porsche. And remarkably, this plug-in is actually faster than any of Porsche’s other cars. Range has been recently updated with the arrival of a two-wheel drive model. 

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  • Battery size: 71 - 84 kWh (usable)
  • Electric cost/month: £51
  • Battery warranty: 8 years/100,000 miles
  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Range: 252-279 miles
  • White Porsche Taycan front and right sides
  • White Porsche Taycan rear and left side with mountain background
  • Black Porsche Taycan front and left side driving
  • Black Porsche Taycan driving rear
  • Porsche Taycan cream and black interior
  • White Porsche Taycan charging cable and rim/yellow brake detail

Ginny Says

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“Less is more and when it comes to the Taycan the least expensive model is my choice. Even though it has 'just' 375bhp, two-wheel drive and doesn't have the neck-snapping acceleration of the Turbo models, it's a brilliant package and feels like a Porsche should. We love it.”

Nicki Says


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“Porsche’s first attempt at a fully-electric super-saloon is fun to drive, practical and quick to charge, but it comes at a cost. The most significant thing about the Taycan, apart from the fact that it is really fast, is that it’s built like a Porsche with serious quality inside and out.”

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There’s high demand for the Taycan and a waiting list for new cars. Expect used models to command high prices for a while yet. 

  • Prices from:£90,000

Used models

A Porsche which has been as talked-about as the Taycan is going to attract the attention of affluent buyers who are used to being able to pay for what they want. If they haven’t got their name on the waiting list already, they will be happy to pay over the asking price to get a Taycan for the first few months at least. 

Any cars which come up for sale in those first few months will either be from speculators looking to make a quick quid or might be dealer demonstrators. Either way, it’s likely to be cheaper to order a new car from the factory and wait than to take the used route until supply of used and new Taycans becomes a little more plentiful. 

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