Used Tesla Model X Review

Price: £87,980 - £111,970

Stylish, speedy, spacious and space-age, the Model X is an impressive alternative to ‘normal’ SUVs and is all-electric. It’s not cheap though.



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  • Prices from: £87,980
  • Battery size: 100kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 3.48
  • Max charge rate: 250 kW
  • Range: 348-340 miles
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  • White Tesla Model X rim detail
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  • Tesla Model X driving rear
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 30/09/2021・Updated: 14/12/2021

Nicki Says

“Whilst it’s not an inexpensive car the Model X is packed with personality and is currently the only electric car that can seat seven. It’s light and spacious and is an SUV with personality that makes many of its rivals look like a dull choice.”

Ginny Says

“The show stopping Falcon Wing doors will entertain young and old alike and the latest tech, delivered over the air, will help to keep you safe on the road. Tesla’s excellent charging network is a huge bonus and gives you extra peace of mind.”

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There are a few Model Xs appearing at Tesla outlets and independent dealers.

  • Prices from:£50,000

Used Models

When the Model X was launched in 2015, it was seen as something of a fashion item among the rich and famous. But fashions change and a few of those buyers will want to move on to the next latest thing in motoring, trading in their Tesla. 

These used Model Xs now represent a substantial saving on the new cost, with prices starting at around £60,000 for a low mileage car. But there are a few things you’ll need to check to make sure it represents decent value for money, in addition to the usual inspections before buying a used car.

Firstly, the first Model Xs were offered with different battery sizes including a 75kW pack. This will still give plenty of range, but is worth less than the 90 and 100kW versions. Also check the other options fitted to the car you are being offered – some were pricey when new but may add little value now, such as expensive paint finishes. 

Many Model Xs will have spent their time in cities, where their sheer physical size makes them tricky to park. Wheels and bumpers are likely to have been ‘kissed’ as a result, and the 22-inch alloys fitted to some cars are tricky to repair. Steer clear of a car which has had any more substantial damage or repair – the Tesla is a complex car and can only be fixed by specialists.

Tesla’s offers on new cars have been confusing, but the company has offered free access to the Supercharger network with most Model Xs. Make sure it is transferable as it will give you free fuel for life.

Finally, check the dealer understands the car properly. The best examples will be found from Tesla directly, but at the time of writing there were none available from official outlets, so you’d be forced to go to an independent dealer. They might not be geared up to sell electric cars and may not be able to guide a new owner through processes such as getting the car and home charging set up.

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