AA plugs into electric recovery vehicles

James Batchelor

25 May 2024

The AA has become the first UK roadside assistance and recovery firm to introduce fully electric recovery trucks.

The vehicles will join the firm's 3000-strong fleet and are part of the AA's "test and scale approach to fleet decarbonisation", it said. The AA is testing alternative-fuelled vehicles in real-life settings.

The vehicles comprise a Volvo FE Boniface Slidebed, an Iveco eDaily 7.2T Dyson Powerload and an Iveco eDaily 7.2T Dyson Powerload.

The FE Boniface Slidebed (pictured) is based on the Volvo FE 19T and can carry 6000kg on its recovery bed and up to 2000kg on its second-car lift. It has a range of 170 miles a recharge rate of 2.25 hours when using a 150kWh rapid charger, and is expected to be used in low-emissions zones such as London and Birmingham.

The Iveco eDaily 7.2T Dyson Powerload features an innovative system that deploys the loading ramps remotely, and is a concept said the AA. It has a range of 100 miles, 80kWh rapid charging capability, and has a 3,000kg payload. The eDaily CRT van, meanwhile, has undergone a specialist conversion and features a twin battery set-up which delivers an increased range of 160 miles. It can carry vehicles up to 3,250kg and can also recover motorcycles, EVs and 4x4s when using the AA's clever "Freewheeling Hubs". The van also features a luxurious passenger compartment complete with AA-branded leather seats, a table and USB charging. 

AA President Edmund King OBE, said: "Introducing these exciting new concept vehicles to our fleet is an important step towards our goal of becoming a net zero company by 2035. As a market-leading organisation, we are committed to showing the way as the country transitions to a zero emissions future."

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