Alfa Romeo names the date for baby SUV launch

James Batchelor

28 Jan 2024

Alfa Romeo has set the date for the reveal of its first ever production EV – April 10.

The Stellantis-owned Italian brand has published a series of photos of the car, named 'Milano', undergoing final testing, as it prepares to take the covers off for the model's official debut in its namesake city, Milan. 

Until now, Alfa Romeo had only officially confirmed the car's name but the latest photos give a much better idea of how the electric crossover is shaping up. Despite still covered in camouflage, the Milano's curvy, raised hatchback-like design is clear to see, and its dinky (for an Alfa Romeo) dimensions. 

When it launches, the Milano will be Alfa's smallest model since the MiTo supermini which went off sale in 2019, and it's expected to wear a new take on Alfa's trademark v-shaped shield grille. 

Underpinning the baby SUV will be Stellantis's E-CMP platform as already used by the Jeep Avenger. Although not confirmed, it's highly likely the Milano will use the same 54kWh battery pack as the Avenger, giving a range of around 250 miles, and twin motor arrangement to give four-wheel drive.

The Milano will be a key component in Stellantis's plan to move Alfa Romeo more upmarket in the coming years. The Milano is tasked with taking a share of the lucrative premium compact electric SUV segment, and will rival models such as our Car of the Year 2024, the Volvo EX30.

The Milano name was last used on a US version of the 75 saloon in the 1980s, and it's a significant one for Alfa Romeo as it's the city where the company was founded in 1910.

Are you ready? Alfa Romeo is really hoping you are

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