​Boss reveals plans for new electric baby Bentley​Bentley thinks small for new electric car vehicle

Bentley thinks 

small for new EV

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Bentley is looking at a smaller model in its future plans as an all electric car brand. 

In an exclusive interview, Bentley Chief Executive Adrian Hallmark, told us that electric power meant they could look at a ‘slightly smaller Bentley’. “We are looking at size on the outside and inside, electric vehicles do offer more space on the inside and that means the potential of a slightly smaller exterior. We are not talking of shrinking the size of a Bentley to a Fiat 500! But we can make it a more useable car when driving and parking in the city. But we will always continue to give the full Bentley experience with inspirational interiors.”

Hallmark revealed that Bentley will become solely dependent on Audi electric vehicle technology within five to ten years as it switches to be an all electric brand by 2030.

Audi technology will be used in future electric Bentleys
Electric Bentley

But they will adapt the Audi electric technology to deliver its distinct individual driving DNA, while continuing to develop its own stand out exterior and interiors. Hallmark says the firm are finalising detailed plans for its first all electric vehicle that will arrive in 2025 and launch Bentley on the way to being a role model for ethical luxury products. 

In the immediate future they will bring more hybrid versions of its models, following the existing Bentayga Hybrid. But he said the first all electric Bentley will not be a radical change: “We have to design a luxury electric Bentley, we understand our customers and what they want. We will evolve and interpret our electric range in a modern way, but without losing connection with our heritage. But the first electric model won’t be radical, we won‘t take risks.”

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid exterior rear driving through city  More hybrid models will follow

Another area Bentley will grow is in developing limited edition collectors model like the stunning Bacalar two seat convertible, at £1.8 million the most expensive new Bentley. They have already sold out the limited run of 12 cars. “It is clear that lots of people want to have a very low volume collectors car, but we have been pushing our own customers away, so now we have committed to do something different every 18 months. These cars allow us to be more progressive and something that is more exciting and different that have a halo effect on the brand. And we can test reaction to new designs,” added Hallmark.

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Expect more limited edition cars like the Bacalar

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