Electric cars to use one-way streets in both directions in road rule shake-up

April Prima

6 Apr 2023

New plans to allow electric cars to drive in both directions on one-way streets are set to become a reality in the UK. The move, which is being introduced to encourage electric car uptake, has the potential to significantly shorten journeys for drivers. 

Local authorities across the UK have been told that all one-way streets must be made by bi-directional for electric car owners within the next six months. This will allow time for a network of cameras to be installed to verify that the car being driven is electric. The cameras will use a combination of number plate recognition and retina scans to check that the vehicle is eligible to use the road. Drivers wearing sunglasses will be required to remove them as the enter the camera zone. 

The announcement follows a six month trial in the Channel Islands where a short 200 metre stretch of one-way street was opened to electric cars travelling in either direction. Although this caused what authorities described as a ‘minor road traffic accident,’ on the first day which resulted in the electric vehicle being removed from the trial for just over five months, authorities deemed the pilot scheme to be a success. 

Commenting on the initiative, Ron Wey, National Deputy Chief Manager for roads and direction solutions said: “I’m delighted to bring this plan to life. We have found that one-way systems add significantly to many journey times. By allowing electric cars to drive in any direction, we can shorten journeys and show that electric cars really can make a difference.”

New signage will be installed across the country from April 1

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