Ford's new 'Capri' to be launched soon – here's what we know

James Batchelor

27 Jun 2024

Ford is just a couple of weeks away from revealing another addition to its electric car range. It'll be a coupe-SUV and is widely tipped to wear the legendary 'Capri' name. Here's what we know so far.

1. Another crucial electric Ford: The Blue Oval has been a little slow off the mark when it comes to launching a range of electric cars. There was the Ford Mach-E that used another famous name from the brand's back catalogue (more on this later), but since then it has been a little quiet. Ford has a wide ranging partnership with the Volkswagen Group, which will see the German giant working closely with Ford on commercial vehicles, while Ford looks over VW's shoulder for help with electric cars. The first Ford EV using VW know-how has already been launched, called the Explorer.

2. It's a coupe not as you know it: One of the most divisive automotive trends over the past decade or so has been the coupe-SUV. These are SUV-sized cars but in an effort to make them appear sexier and more desirable, the roofline is lowered to resemble a coupe. Traditional saloon car-based coupes, like the Ford Capri, have been a dying trend for a quite some time now, with customers flocking to swoopy SUV coupes in recent times.

3. The new car will be familiar to you: The soon-to-be-revealed 'sports crossover' in Ford-speak will use the new Explorer as its base and will be twinned with that car in the carmaker's line-up. Like the Explorer, it'll use the Volkswagen Group's MEB platform and will likely be offered with three different power options, ranging from 168bhp to a twin-motor 335bhp version. If you know your VW Group battery sizes, the 52kWh and 77kWh packs will be familiar, too.

4. Capri: The name Capri is legendary not just for Ford fans but for anyone even remotely interested in cars. The Capri was essentially Britain's equivalent of the Ford Mustang, and with its plethora of trim levels, go-faster equipment packs and large engine range, it was a pin-up of the 1970s. Media reports have hinted Ford will bring back the Capri name for this new coupe-SUV model – it's a brave move as the name and the original car is still held in very fond memory. But like with the recent Mustang Mach-E and the Puma baby crossover, Ford has shown it isn't afraid to attach famous, emotive names to modern cars that little resemble original versions that wore those names first time around.

5. Ford is hinting at the Capri name too: Up to now, the return of the Capri name has been rumoured just be the media. In late June, however, Ford dropped an enormous hint that Ford Capri was back. A print advert for a business called 'Comeback Cars' points readers to text 'COMEBACK' to it through WhatsApp. Do that and the reader gets an automated conversation and receives teaser images of a new car – these are shown in this story. The advert also drops very subtle hints at the Capri's return, too, with the numbers '1969' and '1986' being used – these were the years the original Ford Capri was in production. And if that hint wasn't enough, the advert's strapline is "the cars you always promised yourself". The original Capri's ad campaign used the same wording.

6: You won't have to wait long to see one on the roads: Production at Ford's factory in Cologne, Germany, that's fresh from a $2 billion (£1.57 billion) investment, will begin later this year. The new model may be on sale by the end of the year, and will rival other coupe-SUV's like the mechanically-similar Volkswagen ID.5 and Volvo EC40.

Could this be the new Capri?

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